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How it works

The Selling Platform

We support you from setting up your sales page and configuring payment methods to delivering your products and optimizing sales.

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Sell all kinds of things

With Tentary, the sky's the limit. You can sell anything that's available in digital form: videos, courses, PDFs, presets...

Personalize your sales page

Create a professional product page in no time. Upload images, add a description and set the price.

Access to your product

Upload your product for sale to our servers free of charge, or leave a link that buyers will receive after purchase.

Sell everywhere and earn money

Share your product on the Internet

You get a short and easy to remember URL for your sales page, which you can use to share your product on social media, for example.

Share your product on your website

Show your products on your own website and send customers directly to the payment page via a "Buy now" button.

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Easy payment handling


All major payment methods

Configure all desired payment methods for your products with just a few clicks. No matter if credit card, PayPal, Apple Pay or Klarna.

Uncomplicated & secure payment processing

Once a customer has made a purchase from you, we will handle the verification of payment and delivery of your product.

Automatic invoicing

Buyers can request an invoice at the time of purchase, which will be automatically generated by us on your behalf.

Manage your earnings

Analyze your sales

Get insight into your visits, sales and conversions to optimize your products and better understand your customers.

Correct taxes on your products

There is a lot to consider when it comes to taxes and selling digital products internationally. We take care of this and automatically calculate sales taxes and VAT rates based on your setup.

Simple monthly statement

To make your own accounting as easy as selling with Tentary, we summarize all your sales in a monthly statement.


More features

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Direct payout

Your earnings belong to you and are paid directly into your account.

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Sales periods

Optionally set a start and end time for your sales

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Fast checkout

Your buyers can buy your products with just a few clicks

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Free products

Offer your customers additional free products via Tentary

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Discount codes

Create individual discount codes for all or single products

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Custom domain

Use your own domain for your profile and sales pages for free

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PDF protection

Automatically add a stamp or watermark to your PDFs.

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Unlimited products

You can create as many products as you want, without additional costs

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Currency support

We support multiple currencies to make selling globally easy

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Profile pages

Show all your products and other links clearly on your profile page

Video streaming

Upload videos that can comfortably be streamed by your customers

Individual design

Use individual fonts, colors, button-designs, layouts to style your sales pages

Email marketing

Send your customers product updates or a newsletter via email

Lead magnets

Offer free products in exchange for a subscription to your newsletter

Order bumps

Increase your average order value by providing additional products during checkout


Receive recurring revenue by offering memberships and subscriptions

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