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Tentary goes International

January 12, 2023

Tentary is now available internationally 🎉

After supporting numerous sellers in Germany with their online business in 2022, we are now expanding into international territory.


While a worldwide expansion had been planned for some time, we finally started working on the code in December 2022. In order to not endanger the running business and also to catch errors early enough, we have divided the expansion into individual building blocks:

  1. Currency support - support for additional currencies besides Euro. New: US Dollar, Canadian Dollar, British Pound, Danish Krone, Swiss Franc
  2. Individual tax settings - For sellers within Europe, we automatically calculate the European taxes for digital products. To reflect the tax situation of international sellers, we now allow you to set individual tax rates for individual regions.
  3. Decimal numbers (point vs. comma) - To avoid confusion when it comes to numbers, we implemented a conversion system to ensure that correct decimal numbers are displayed. Because in German, unlike in English, a comma is used instead of a decimal point.
  4. Legal documents - Although there might be no requirement internationally for a specific legal notice page (as it is in Germany), there are still many countries that recommend having a privacy policy and terms and conditions page. Therefore, these documents can now be stored individually by each seller.
  5. Language - The final component and at the same time essential for our expansion: English language support. Not only for our software, but also for landing pages and the help center.

Within just four weeks, we have successfully completed the internationalization at the beginning of January. From now on, we are looking forward to welcoming international customers to our platform to helping them sell their products!

If you have any questions or suggestions, please write us at feedback@tentary.com.

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Tentary is an independent start-up from Munich. It's important to us that we make online selling as easy as possible for everyone, charge fair fees, and thus welcome new smaller Creators into the Creator Economy.

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